Friday, January 27, 2006

Face Slimming Hairstyles

Just as clothes with horizontal stripes add the illusion of more
width, hairstyles with blunt edges will make your face look
a lot wider than it actually is. Avoid styles that have any type of
bold lines that will make your face look rounder than it
really is. Round faces work best with a lot of volume on top,
which visually lengthens the face.

Adding volume at the roots is one option to add instant height.
Ask your hair stylist to add texturizing or layers around your
crown area to add height. If your hair is naturally thin or fine
use a volume boosting shampoo to add fullness on top. Or,
you can use a root lift solution or volumizing gel to the roots
and use a round brush to lift as your blow-dry.

Updos add instant height. Try pulling your hair into a high
ponytail or other updo anchored at your crown. Pull out a
few strands on either side of your face to add subtle