Thursday, May 18, 2006

Petite Dressing - ReCap

Here's a re-cap for new readers. Enjoy!
  • Choose a monochromatic outfit. Monochromatic doesn't necessarily mean boring. Mix different textures to keep it interesting (i.e. knits with leather)
  • Add contrasting color or texture with a blazer, cardigan or overshirt.
  • If you are petite (5'3" or under) scale everything down: smaller prints, pockets, etc. so they don't overpower your figure.
  • Leave the blazer or cardigan unbuttoned for vertical lines.
  • Any stripes on a garment should be vertical.
  • Tie scarves loosely with long, vertical dangling ends.
  • Match pantyhose color to skirt or pant and shoe color.
  • Avoid big belts, which will cut you in half visually.
  • Use long necklaces or pendants to add vertical lines.
  • Wear skirts that are longer than they are wide.
  • Choose shoes with at least an inch heel: the taller the better.
  • Elongate the neck with V-necks.
  • Don't go for all long items, Contrast proportions. Put a longer jacket with a shorter skirt, shorter jacket with pants, etc.