Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2 Evening Makeup Looks

Note: Foundation & Powder application is considered a given.

Look #1 - Dramatic Eyes

This is my favorite because I always like emphasizing my eyes.

You'll Need:
  • A monochromatic or similar colors eye-shadow quad
    (or at least a trio) with a medium shade, a light shade,
    & a dark shade (e.l.f.'s brightening eye color quads are great)
  • Blackest Volume & Lengthening Mascara You've Got (L'Oreal's Volume Shocking is perfect for that VaVaVoom effect)
  • Black Eyeliner
  • A subtle blush
  • A neutral (pinky-nude) lipgloss (e.l.f.'s moisture care lipgloss in natural blush is the perfect pinky-nude)
Your Look:
  • Prep your lids (primer or foundation & powder)
  • Cover your entire lid with the medium shade
  • Using dark color, contour on sides & in crease for dramatic depth
  • Using light color, highlight your lid directly in the center
    (to draw attention to your eye color)
  • Using light color, highlight your brow bone & the inner corner of your eye
  • Apply your black eyeliner & a coat or 2 of mascara
  • Apply & blend blush on to apples of cheeks
  • Swipe a coat of pinky-nude gloss on your lips & that's it!

Look #2 - Intense Lips
Intense, full lips are always sexy.

You'll Need:
  • A lip brush (e.l.f. has a variety
    of brushes & tools to choose from)
  • Tissue to blot
  • An intense shade of lipstick that
    goes well with your skin tone
  • A sheer neutral eyeshadow
  • A subtle blush
  • liner & mascara
  • (Optional) lipgloss
Your Look:
  • Prep your lips (whichever way you do it)
  • Using your lip brush, apply a layer of intense lip color
  • Blot with a piece of tissue & apply another layer
  • Repeat, if necessary
  • (Optional) Apply gloss to center of bottom lip then smack
    them both together, Now you've got an even fuller pout

  • Apply a sheer wash of neutral color on the eyes
  • Apply & blend blush on to apples of cheeks
  • Apply liner & mascara
  • Using a retractable lip brush, grab some of the lip color, retract the brush & toss it into your bag for touch ups on the go
And there you go, 2 beautiful & dramatic evening makeup looks!