Tuesday, May 08, 2007

PrimaCases - Clear Lucite iPod Case

Get a cool see-through case for your iPod. You like
how your iPod looks, right? So, why cover it up
with an opaque case that doesn't allow your iPod's
natural "coolness factor" to shine through?

Enter PrimaCase's Clear Lucite iPod Case. Not only
is it nice looking on its own, your iPod will look good
in it too. I have this for my black iPod & I love it, it looks
really slick! However, while good looks are important in
an iPod case, functionality is also extremely important.
This case has it, in spades!

Not only does it have the neck strap, which is visible in the
photo, it also comes with a detachable belt clip, plus a raised
open area in back that allows you to slide your belt through it.
It's also very easy to open to insert your iPod & you have access
to all jacks, sliders, & outlets. You don't have to take off the case
to synch your iPod. Very handy!

So, in conclusion, if you want a cool case that doesn't detract
from your iPod's good looks & is very functional, this is the
one to get!