Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Killer Cotton

I've been informed of a new online indie retail search service called "Killer Cotton". Yes, the name is unusual, but this site will knock your socks off! Not only does it provide refined information about smaller, hard-to-find retailers, but it also lets consumers rate & review each of these retailers.

The more good ratings a retailer receives, the higher up in the list a retailer will go. I view it like the shopaholic's version of digg, the better rated retailers go to the top of the list, because of your reviews & ratings.

It's free for reviewers (consumers) or site owners (retailers) to join. I joined & I've already made a purchase because of it. I bought a lipstick, which I will be reviewing when I get it. So, do yourself a favor & check this place out, not only will you find some interesting & cool stuff, but I think it will wind up being a huge time-saver!