Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have been informed about a new, revolutionary product that protects the heel on your high heels. Those who wear high heels know that the heel is the most vulnerable to damage.

The SmartHeel® is intended to protect the heel from "on-the-street & other en route damage". Such a product can help to avoid costly repairs, or even worse, irreparable damage. Once you arrive at your destination, you can remove the SmartHeel easily & show of your shoes!

Will these fit my heels, you say? Most likely! They are working on several different designs for several different types of shoes. They will have SmartHeels that will fit:
  • 3"-4" high heels (available)
  • wider 3"-4" high heels (in the works)
  • thin medium heels 13/4"-3" high (in the works)
  • short kitten heels (in the works)
They are designed to be "as universal as possible w/o compromising the beauty of the shoe." It's good to have a set for each pair of heels, because each one can be customized to fit a certain pair of shoes & "develops a memory for that pair."

Each pair of SmartHeels comes w/an instruction booklet & you can watch a demo video on their website or you can watch it below. At less than $10 a pair, this will be a huge money-saver to those who wear heels!