Sunday, September 09, 2007

Banler.com - MD Skincare Cleanser/Toner

Do you want premiere skin and hair care with out the expense? Banler.com offers premiere skin & haircare at a fraction of the price. I've received 3 of their products, one of which I will be reviewing today. I'll be reviewing the others later.

What I want to tell you about today is MDskincare's All In One Facial Cleanser/Toner. My dermatologist told me that I should always use a gentle cleanser on my skin, so as not to aggravate my roseacea or cause other problems.

Well, this is a good, gentle cleanser. With wet hands, I lathered it up, & then I smoothed it onto my dry face (as directed), cleaning in a circular motion. Not only did it not aggravate my skin in any way, but my skin feels both clean & smooth. If you want a gentle cleanser/toner this is a good one to consider.