Monday, October 08, 2007


A while back I discovered an online e-commerce site that is focused on selling lip balms. All kinds of lip balms, exfoliants, & plumpers from all over the place. You name it & they've probably got it! The following is the blurb on their about us page.

"We at KISSFIX are passionate about lip balm. Our fascination with the variety of lip balms offered on our site began with our travels throughout the globe. During our travels we had found many lip balms that we loved, only to discover that we were unable to replace them locally when we ran out of the product. We loved the diversity of flavors, textures and moisturizing properties offered by the variety of lip balms we had encountered and didn't want to be limited to only those that could be found in the local drug store. Thus the idea of kissfix was born. One site bringing together a large selection of exotic, unique and hard to find lip balms, plumpers and exfoliants delivered right to your door!"