Monday, October 01, 2007

Mark - Scandalash & Metalluscious

My Mom bought me 2 Mark products. (Thanks Mom!) I got the Scandalash hook-up mascara in blacklash & the Metalluscious hook-up lipgloss in Empress.

I figured I'd like Scandalash, because I've tried the waterproof version (lashsplash) before & liked it. Well, I was right, I do like it. It's a very simple no frills everyday mascara, but it works well in defining the lashes. Definitely a keeper.

Now, I've tried the Metalluscious hook-up lipgloss before in Queen & Luxury & I liked it. However, this new color that I got (Empress, much darker than the picture shows) is very dark. I'm not so sure I like it because it is so dark. My Mom says she likes it on me because it makes my eyes glow. Well, that's definitely a perk, but I'm still not too sure about this one.