Monday, December 10, 2007

Cashmere Set

Ahh, the plush silky-softness, & warmth of cashmere! As a new member of BuzzParadise, I received a beautiful Eric Bompard cashmere gift set, consisting of a hat & a pair of gloves.

My set came in a beautiful turquoise color that just about anyone could wear & it feels sooo soft. Being a low-income, disabled individual, I haven't really had much opportunity to experience cashmere for myself & it's so nice! Eric Bompard's line of cashmere items includes both accessories & clothing.

I also received a catalog with my set, and talk about a beautiful, striking, catalog! Their catalog is very professional. I don't know what regular customers get with their catalog, but mine came with cashmere swatches in a variety of different colors.

When all is said & done, they have beautiful, silky-soft, cashmere items (I love my gift set!), & they put out a very professional catalog. The downside? It's expensive, just as you would expect with cashmere, but it's lovely!