Wednesday, December 26, 2007

DivaShop Readers Survey

I'd like to request a little favor of my regular readers. I've put together this survey that is intended to get just a smidgen of info on who reads my blog. Please take the time to answer 5 very quick questions. I’d like everyone who is a regular reader to answer. Just click on the title of this post. Thank You!

To the unidentified emailer who apologized: I won't go into detail of the email or the comments preceding it, but I will say I'm not upset at you. You actually were right. I mainly have my YouTube channel to get input from others, but wasn't prepared for some of the rude comments I got. Compared to those comments, you were the opitome of tact! I'll admit, your words kinda stung at first, but I soon saw the importance of being objective. I thought I was clear about saying that I'm still in the learning process & looking for feedback from others, but I guess I wasn't clear enough. I've tried to be more plain about that in my disclaimer since then. No need to worry. I "forgave" you along time ago. I wish you had provided your eMail so I could tell you that, but I can understand why you didn't.