Wednesday, December 26, 2007


It's no secret among those that know me that I have chronic dry skin. It's something I've always dealt with. To date, I've never found a product that completely alleviated or, better yet, removed this problem. However, I have found products that, while not removing the problem, did help in moisturizing my skin.

SpaSensials hand & foot treatments is one such product. All you do is, after washing & exfoliating, slip on the gloves or socks & leave them on 15 minutes. Moisturizers are released from the fabric into the skin & this product did moisturize my skin.

For my particular problem, however, I think it would help me more if I left it on much longer. Next time I'll try leaving it on overnight & see if that helps more. I think for the average person, with average skin, 15 minutes will be plenty of time to moisturize effectively. Overall, I think this is a good product!