Monday, February 11, 2008

Mailbox Delights!

I've received 2 really cool things in my mailbox over the past few days! One awesome thing I got a few days ago was a complimentary brush set & eyelash curler for review from billyb beauty! (Thank You!) For a better photo of this lovely set, click here. I love it, especially the foundation brush. The brushes are so silky-soft & apply so nicely. I've never had a really, really nice foundation brush, so I'm absolutely thrilled with this! I also love the retractable lip brush. I love how it closes up completely. Most brushes I've come across just slide the brush inside w/o closing off the end. Shoot, I love the whole set, but as I said before I'm really loving the foundation brush!


What was the 2nd cool thing I received? Well, today I received my copy of the 1st issue of On Makeup Magazine & I'm loving it! To top that off, on the Industry News page the BBN is mentioned, how cool is that!