Monday, May 12, 2008

Dress Up Shoe

Do you love shoes? Would you love it if one pair of shoes could be made to look different each day, depending on your outfit & mood? Enter Dress Up Shoe. This kind of thing makes me wish I could wear normal shoes, they look so neat! You buy one very basic black pair of sandal shoes & then you accessorize them with "shoe jewelry".

You can buy a set that includes:
  • An ankle strap that hooks on the heel of the shoe
  • An anklet that pins to the toe strap & clasps around the ankle
  • 2 brooches that you can pin to the toe strap instead of using the anklet
  • A necklace/bracelet to be used w/the brooches
Once you see what they've got, you'll probably want to buy several sets, besides the shoes. And you'll be able to do so a lot easier since they have created a coupon code, for 15% off, that is just for you, my readers! Just enter DIVASHOP at checkout.

DressUp Shoe Strap & Anklet