Monday, May 26, 2008


I have had the opportunity to try a new product called SpinLash. It's a mascara w/a rotating brush that gently pulls the lashes to define, declump, & straighten. I was amazed at how well this worked for me in defining my lashes. Also, since it straightens out the lashes, the lashes are elongated as well. However, I do have 2 issues w/this product.
  • One, don't bother to curl your lashes because the gentle pulling action will straighten the curl right out. However, there is somewhat of a compensation. The pulling action does create some lash lift on its own, although it won't give you the same crimped curl as a lash curler will.
  • Secondly, & more importantly (to me, at least), when either the mascara, or the battery, is done for, you toss the whole thing out. To me, that's a waste. Why not replace the battery & the cartridge & keep the motorized brush? I don't understand that.
My 2 misgivings aside, my overall impression is good. I like what it did for my lashes. If they at least fix the 2nd issue, I could definitely see myself buying one.