Monday, July 26, 2010

Review: Personal Microderm System

Want smoother, overall improved skin? Of course! Well, I was recently contacted by SkinCareRx.com to try & review their home microdermabrasion system that they have available on their website.

What is the home microdermabrasion system? Well, basically, as you can see in the photo, it is a small cylindrical machine with several exfoliating disc inserts. The blue discs have a finer grit, good for more sensitive skin. Whereas the green have a rougher grit. I used the blue.

The machine itself, besides rotating the discs, also creates a bit of suction. It gently lifts the skin closer to the exfoliating disc, so it can do a thorough job.

There is a danger here. You need to keep the machine moving & not stay in one place for too long. Otherwise you risk penetrating to deep (I accidentally did this & got a couple red marks. I'm clumsy. :-( ). However, this machine does come w/both paper instructions & an instructional DVD (Yes, I did watch it. Attentively.). So, if you're not clumsy like me, you should be ok, lol.

In spite of my clumsiness, my results overall were actually pretty good! I don't see a sign of dryness on my face & my face feels smoother than it has in a long time!

Overall, I do recommend it. You just need to be really careful. Clutzy people like me? Even more so! Lol.

This product was sent to me by a representative of the company to review. I did not pay for this product. This in no way affects my opinions of the product.