Monday, December 27, 2010

Cuberry.com Is Back!

Sorry I've been MIA folks. I'm still attempting to get over this beastly infection, plus we made a second moving trip to get the rest of our stuff. We've officially moved (My Sister & I) from New Mexico to Arizona. I'm so exhausted, UGH!

On a brighter note, a cosmetics company, known as Cuberry.com, that shut down their eStore temporarily has come back. This is great because they've been gone for months & I was seriously beginning to wonder if they'd ever come back.

I have their signature brush set, which I love & have used in several videos. Some of you asked where you could get them. Well, now you actually can get them, W00T!

They also have other products & tools available that I haven't tried, but I'm just happy to see that they're back!