Monday, February 28, 2011

Essie at CVS!

I've avoided nail color for a long time. I avoided it because I felt my hands/fingers were ugly & I didn't want to draw even more attention to them.

However, my hands have been gradually getting better & they look better than they have in a long time! So, I'm looking into nail colors again.

I was with my Sister at CVS the other day & discovered that they sell both Orly & Essie & I got excited at all the colors!

I didn't buy anything because money is short at the end of the month, but I'm keeping colors in mind for later. I don't have a bookmark for Orly's website (I'll have to rectify that), but I do have one for Essie.

So, I picked out the 4 Essie colors above that I thought look pretty. There was a color in store that I loved, but I don't remember the name. Anyhoo, I'm really excited at the prospect of pretty nail colors! :)