Thursday, November 10, 2011

New EcoTools Kabuki Brushes!

So, what are your thoughts on the new EcoTools kabuki brushes? I was going through my email (Holy cow, miss one day & you get flooded, eeek!) & I saw these brushes from EcoTools in my inbox.

There's basically 4 new brushes:
  • Conceal Kabuki - "To start out with a flawless base, the Conceal Kabuki, complete with a short, rounded tip and compact dome, provides optimal coverage and is perfect for hiding blemishes. Use it with liquid concealer or foundation for custom coverage." This looks very much like round, pointed foundation brushes I've seen, only w/a short kabuki handle. Very interesting!
  • Bronze Kabuki - "The Bronze Kabuki is equipped with thick, fluffy bristles that unveil a gorgeous, natural glow! Expertly apply and blend bronzer all over to create a warm, sun-kissed look."
  • Contour Kabuki - "When it comes to shaping, shading and sculpting, there's nothing the Contour Kabuki can't do! Gently apply blush in an upward motion to center and enhance the fullest point of cheeks." Basically the equivalent of an angled blush brush on a short handle. Also very interesting!
  • Buff Kabuki - "The Buff Kabuki is designed for smooth, luxurious coverage. Just sweep the flat-top brush in controlled circular motions to also boost a natural, translucent radiance. Buff over face to smooth and remove excess powder for a flawless finish." Wondering if this will be dense enough to buff liquid foundation as well.
I'm kind of excited about these as EcoTools brushes are usually pretty good in my experience! What do you think? Will you snag any of these or pass? Let me know in the comments! :)