Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shop Charming Charlie Online!

Ah, Charming Charlie. I've mentioned this store in a previous post. I mentioned how everything is organized by color. I mentioned that cute pieces can be found to suit almost anyone's style. I mentioned that shopping at their store was all about the experience.

However, as a girl who doesn't get out much because she doesn't drive, I happen to do a lot of my beauty/fashion shopping online. That was one thing that was a bummer because I'm not able to get over to that shopping center very often.

Online shoppers can rejoice now that Charming Charlie has an e-commerce site! They've taken that same organization & aesthetic from their brick & mortar stores & applied that online. You can shop by color or category & the products are laid out beautifully for your browsing pleasure.

The photos above (click image to enlarge) showcase just a few items from my wishlist. What do you think of Charming Charlie? Ever been to one? Let me know in the comments! :)