Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New e.l.f. Products!

Sorry for being MIA folks. I've either caught some bug that's going around or I'm dealing w/severe allergies. My right ear & right side of my throat's clogged, UGH.

But let's move on to better things. Better? Yup! I was perusing the what's new section on the e.l.f. website & found several new products, 3 of which I'll mention right now.

For one, it looks like they have a buffing concealer brush, which looks pretty cool. I'm not one to use concealer, but I do at times use a smaller brush to get foundation applied to the smaller areas of my face, such as the under-eye area.

Also, they've got a new small stippling brush, which is still sized for the face, but a bit smaller. It also looks like it should handle the smaller areas of the face as well.

And the last thing in the image is a shadow/mascara shield. I'm not usualy one to shield my under-eye area, since I normally apply foundation afterwards, but this could still come in handy.

So, those are some of the new tools from e.l.f. that I noticed. What products are you eying for a potential haul? Do share in the comments! :)