Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shop CharmingCHARLIE Online?

I recently received a couple of comments on an older Charming Charlie post, bemoaning the fact that you could no longer shop for their products online. So, I decided to email them & ask about it. Below is my email & their response.

I love your products, but because of limited mobility I do most of my fashion/beauty shopping online. Will you guys ever bring back your eCommerce website? I'm not the only one asking. Some of my blog readers have commented on my Charming Charlie posts, asking why they can't shop online. Please, please, for those who have limited mobility, bring back your eCommerce site. Thank you for listening.

Kind regards,

Dear Gloria,
Thank you for contacting Charming Charlie. At this time, our eCommerce service is unavailable. Purchases can be made in-store only. I apologize for this inconvenience and assure you we are working hard to bring our eCommerce offering back to you as soon as possible!

I have also attached a letter from our CEO regarding our eCommerce service. I hope that this will answer any current questions or concerns that you may have regarding online purchases.

Thank You and Have A Charming Day! :)
Ashley Cobb/ Customer Service Representative

Letter from CEO:

Dear Valued Customers,
Everything that we do at Charming Charlie every single day is designed to ensure that we are providing the best possible experience to you -- our customers. You are, after all, why we are here. And we want to make sure that your experience is consistently good...no matter where you shop our brand.

That is why we have made the decision to temporarily take down the e-Commerce portion of CharmingCharlie.com for a period of time starting today, August 17th. Don’t worry...it won’t be for long. We expect to be up and running again in Spring 2013. But it will be enough time to create an online experience that is truly reflective of the incredible in-store experience you expect from us, and that we expect from ourselves.

It’s important for you to also know that you do not have to worry about your online account with Charming Charlie. All of the information you have with us, including your order history, will carry over to the new site once re-launched.

While we work to make your online shopping experience even better, we encourage you to visit one of our 200+ stores across the United States. To find the store nearest you, use our store locater online at www.CharmingCharlie.com. You can also contact our Customer Service line at 1.888.675.2275 for additional assistance.

Lastly, if you have recently purchased an item from us online, please rest assured that we will continue to accept returns through the duration of our 21 day online return policy. To initiate an online return, please call Customer Service at 1.888.675.2275 or bring your item and invoice to any of our 200+ stores.

We sincerely appreciate your patience during this transition period. And we are excited about introducing you to the new Charming Charlie e-Commerce site early next year.

Very sincerely,
AWESOME, not only did they reply in a timely manner, but the new eCommerce site will be back very soon!
Thank You Charming Charlie!