Friday, January 03, 2014

Pinspiration: Arty Eye Makeup

Welcome to the second installment of my pinspiration series! Last time we focused on the amazing nail art to be found on Pinterest, but today we focus on artistic eye makeup!

Now, I'm not talking about the usual wearable looks. Oh no, we're talking way out there makeup, where the eye is like the painter's canvas. Most of these may not be wearable, but they're certainly artistic. :)

Click the image to enlarge & see below for the links for each pin.
  •  Avengers -Really cool eye looks inspired buy the different characters. And hello! It's the Avengers! I love this movie.
  • Caped Crusaders - Can't forget Batman. I love how dark & smokey & purple-y (lol) this look is.
  • Spider Man - This one is a lot more abstract with only the web & the colors to reference the character. Very cool.
  • Cherry Blossom Eyes - I love the look of cherry blossoms anyway, but this is just so cool!
  • Waterfowl - Take your pick, chicks or a swan. Fun!
  • The Princess & The Toad - Ok, this one blew my mind. Not only is it very well done, but the brow is part of the design as the Princess's hair. How cool!
What are some of your favorite pins in this category? Do share in the comments! :)