Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Review: TwistNClean Mascara Wand Cleaner

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Disclosure: This product was sent to me by the company for review purposes. Who of us has not dealt with a goopy mascara wand? I think most of us have. We usually have 2 options, just deal with it (which usually results in clumpy lashes) or wipe the wand with a tissue (which can sometimes result in lint on the brush, yuck!). How about a much better option? Enter the TwistNClean Mascara Wand Cleaner! Below is a breakdown of this product & my thoughts on it.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆1/2

The Claim: "TwistNClean is lint-free, sustainable, cleaner and more cost-effective than tissues or cotton rounds. Insert mascara wand into the lint-free groves & simply twist! Cube can be used up to approximately 2 weeks. Flip the cube to use both sides. Pop out with finger from hole in bottom. Flushable material dissolves in water. Made with 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, non GMO cornstarch. When finished using both sides of the cube, either flush it down the toilet or place it under a faucet and watch it dissolve!" See a video demo of this product in action here.

Price: Box & 1 Insert $9.99, Pack of 8 Insert Refills $10.99, Combo Pack $17.99 (this is what was sent to me).

My Thoughts:  Guys this is AWESOME! This did a fabulous job of cleaning off my mascara wand. It even made a slightly wetter formula mascara more workable & a hundred times better. I had perfectly defined lashes & no clumps, all because this little beauty cleaned off the excess mascara. When my refills run out I definitely plan on repurchasing.

There is one con (which is why it got 4.5 stars, instead of 5) & it might not be that big a deal for some of you. If, like me, you usually do your makeup at home, then this won't be an issue. However, if you usually do your makeup (or at least your mascara) on the go, you might find the boxy shape a little bulky for your bag. Unless you carry a huge bag, & in that case, nevermind. On the flip-side it does include a built-in mirror right in the lid. Anyway, that is the only downside to this product & as far as I'm concerned, it's a minor one.

Final Verdict: This product is amazing & I will be including this in my quarterly favorites video on youtube!