Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Affordable, Quality Skincare

Finding good skincare products can be a bit of a gamble, especially if you have sensitive skin (my skin’s not extremely sensitive, but it can get irritated at times). There’s all kinds of things to take into consideration.

Are there chemicals/fragrances that could be potential irritants? Also, if your skin is dry like mine, is the product gentle, yet hydrating, enough? All important things to consider.

Enter ZenMed skincare. I’ve had the opportunity to try several of their Doctor formulated, naturally based skincare. A rep of the company reached out to me & sent the following items:
  • Gentle Cleansing Cream - $19: As it’s name implies, this cleanser truly is gentle. Not only that, it’s also very moisturizing. It cleansed my skin without stripping it & my face felt nice & smooth afterwards.
  • Organic Cream Exfoliator - $34: I don’t know if this was intended for everyday use, but, to me, it is gentle enough to use everyday (Or maybe every other day; don't wanna overdo it right?). I think this is best for keeping the dry patches at bay or sloughing off minor ones, but if you’ve already got really rough dry patches that you need to slough off (as I sometimes do), you may need something a little more hard-core to start off with. This is also very hydrating. 

  • Anti-Redness Mask - $29.95: I think this impressed me the most. I get red very easily, even just cleansing my skin will do it (it’s the Irish in me, I think). Just slather this stuff on, wait 15 minutes, then rinse. Redness is HISTORY! Seriously.

  • AVT Cream - $34.95: Like everything else in this list, this moisturizer is gentle, soothing & hydrating. I’ve tried moisturizers in the past that worked for my skin, but aggravated my respiratory allergies & asthma. Or, worse yet, caused both skin & respiratory issues. This did neither.

None of the aforementioned products irritated me in any way. Not only that, but all items mentioned in this review are suitable for Rosacea sufferers, so that should give you an indication as to their gentleness.

Final verdict? As I previously mentioned, I was particularly impressed with the mask, but I really enjoyed all of the items I was sent. They were all gentle, soothing, hydrating, & left my skin with that lit from within glow that we all love.

Not only that, but, as you can see from the prices, the products are all very affordable. I would've expected these to be more expensive than they are. Yes folks, affordable quality skincare does exist!