Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Where's the BEEF, uh WORDS?

So I’ve been thinking, I haven’t really done a full-fledged blog post on this blog for a long time. I feel like it’s mostly just a home for my videos & it’s suffered because of that. It’s strange, really. Strange because I’ve always expressed myself better in writing than in speech anyway, yet the vast majority of my content is videos.

I think a big reason for that is how popular video is right now. And I get that. There are just certain types of content that mesh better with video, especially makeup & the arts in general because they’re so visual. But I think there are still certain types of content, even in those fields, that can translate well to the written word.

I'm thinking of doing one written post a week, besides my two video posts. So, what are your thoughts? What types of written content would you like to see on this blog? I seriously need some ideas. 😊 Let me know your thoughts in the comments.