Friday, November 12, 2021

ShopMissA Favorites

One of my youtube viewers requested that I do a video all about my favorite ShopMissA products. ShopMissA is a super inexpensive site for makeup & accessories. Almost everything on their site is a $1. The only exceptions are their charity products (e.g. Paw Paw $1.55-$1.88) or their sets (e.g. makeup brush sets).
Otherwise, everything’s a buck. ShopMissA does carry other brands, but for this video I focused on their in-house brands (e.g. AOA Studio). You might think at such a cheap price point that their products are crap, but they actually have some good stuff. For a full list of all the products mentioned, see below the video.
FTC Disclaimer: Assume that all the products I review have been purchased by me unless otherwise noted. If a product was given to me as a press sample, it will be mentioned. Some links are affiliate links. For more info, see my disclosure.