This is a rudimentary glossary of makeup terms. As I learn or think of more, I'll add more.

  • e/s = eyeshadow
  • e/p = eye pencil
  • s/s = shadow stick
  • c/l = cream liner
  • g/l = gel liner
  • f/l = fluid liner aka liquid liner
  • emu = eye makeup
  • l/s = lipstick
  • l/g = lipgloss
  • l/b = lipbalm 
  • le =  limited edition
  • FOTD = Face of the Day
  • LOTD = Lips of the Day
  • EOTD = Eyes of the Day
  • EOTN = Eyes of the Night
  • NOTD = Nails of the Day
  • Discont. = Discontinued
  • Foil - To foil your eyeshadow is to apply it wet. Some advantages of this technique are: 
    • More intensified color saturation
    • And, more notably, intensified shimmer - giving it a more metallic finish. Hence the term foil. (foil, foiled, foiling)
  • Pack - To pack on your eyeshadow is to pat your brush on your lid w/o sweeping it. This helps the shadow color to stay intense.
  • Sweep - Sweeping color on is good for when you just want a wash of color, instead of it being more intense.
  • Mattifying - formulated to minimize facial shine by absorbing excess oils.
  • Light-Diffusing - reflective particles that bounce light away from fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Matte - a flat, non-shiny, dense color formula
  • Metallic - effect created by reflective pigments in metallic shades such as gold, silver, copper and bronze.
  • Pearl - shades that contain iridescent particles.
  • Satin - shades that contain a slight sheen. Not matte, but not very shimmery either.
  • Bleeding - when lipstick runs into the wrinkles and creases around the lips. Bleeding is a particular problem for older women more than young.