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Monday, January 19, 2009

FOTDs Album

Here's an album of some of my better FOTDs. Of course, I still have a looong way to go. Let me know what you all think.

Friday, September 12, 2008

HappiFace Brushes

Makeup artist, youtube makeup guru, & fellow beauty blogger Sandy Gold has come out with her own 6 piece brush set! I've recently had the opportunity to try her brushes for myself (Thanks Sandy!). First of all let me say that I really like these, they are super soft & work well. Today I applied all of my makeup just using these brushes. I will run through each of these, in order of application, telling you what they are & how I used them.
  • Concealer brush: I like this brush for concealer because it's small enough to get into corners, as well as along the lower lash line. I have 2 other concealer brushes, but 1 is way too small & the other is way too big. This one is just the right size.

  • Powder Brush: This can be used for setting powder, powder foundation, or bronzer. I used it for my mineral powder foundation. This brush is silky soft & applies powder evenly. Sometimes when I want more coverage I'll use my buki brush, but most of the time sheer coverage is fine & I like this brush for that.

  • Blush Brush: This is my 2nd fave brush in the set! I've been looking for a blush brush that's flat & tapered like this one, so it can do blush & contour & I finally have one! Silky soft like the powder brush, this brush does double-duty as a blusher & contourer (Is that a word? Lol!).

  • Eyeshadow Brush: This brush is great for doing detail work, whether contouring the eye or placing shadow in the inner corners.

  • Crease Brush: This works as a crease brush, but I especially like using it as a blending brush.

  • Eyeliner Brush: My fave brush in the set! This is thin enough to get right along the lashline, giving you that thick & full lash look, as opposed to an obvious eyeliner look. Love it!
I have my favorites, of course, but overall I really like this brush set. This set is available a happiface.com for $60 + S&H.

If you'd like to see tips & techniques for using these brushes, do check out Sandy's video, shown below.