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Friday, February 12, 2010

Review: Vapour Beauty Solar Bronzer in Spicy

My video review of Vapour Organic Beauty's Solar Bronzer in Spicy.

Solar comes in 3 colors:
  • Mirage 221
  • Simmer 222
  • Spicy 223

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vapour Beauty

I was given the opportunity to test some products from Vapour Organic Beauty. To make this an easier read, I'll do a quick rundown on each product.

Vapour Beauty Mesmerize Eye Color Treatment in Storm

Ugh, I just realized the name on the image is misspelled, forgive me.

  • If you want a sheer wash of color, this will give you that.
  • Storm would work well for a smokey eye
  • Didn't blend as smoothly as I would've liked
  • It seemed to take more product than normal to get the desired results, perhaps I was doing something wrong.
I'm kinda on the fence about this one. It has it's good points, but it also seemed a little difficult to work with. Maybe it's just me.

Vapour Beauty Lipstick/Lipgloss

  • Gloss is a nice sheer juicy pink w/plenty of shine. Lipstick gave my lips a nice & very subdued berry red color.
  • Lipstick application wasn't as smooth as I would've liked.
  • Both lip products have a strange, but tolerable smell.
Overall, I do like both products, but I like the gloss better. It went on much more smoothly w/a nice finish. I don't care for the smell of either product though.

Vapour Beauty Illusionist Concealer

  • Decent Coverage
  • Easier to apply & blend than the lipstick & cream shadow
  • Don't expect this to cover up a bruise, but it will soften the colors, making them less noticeable.
Not bad overall, blends nicely, softens bruise colors, etc.

Final Comments:
Well, that's it. I think out of the whole bunch I'm happiest w/the gloss, but the concealer ain't bad either. Hope this helps anyone who wanted to know more about Vapour Beauty's products!